Barker Support Systems, LLC is owned and operated in Johnson Bayou, Louisiana a small community located in beautiful Cameron Parish on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and bordering Southeast Texas.  A community known for it’s hardworking, friendly and determined people. This community has overcome natural disasters and managed to persevere.  Barker Support Systems cares about the community and the wildly beautiful landscape here. From the marshlands in the bayou to the sandy shores we are committed to manufacturing products in a more environmentally friendly way than the current method.

Our products cuts down on the amount of welding normally required in steel constructions, which greatly reduces the amount of harmful gases, fumes and waste emitted into the environment. Barker Support Systems, LLC. was born out of the need to improve efficiency in industrial construction by helping companies avoid wasting materials,  save energy, decrease efforts, money, and time in recreating a product that can be purchased as a lesser cost and still producing the desired result, if not better. In a general sense,  creating the ability to do the job well, safely, successfully, and without waste which creates affordability.

Our Company has employees that have worked in the Industrial Construction field for numerous years and know that they appreciate a well made product that can be depended upon for results, and that is exactly what we make at Barker Support Systems. Building structures that that are able to withstand the test of time has been a goal of humanity since the beginning of time. What we aspire to do is to help with that goal by making the process safer, more efficient which results in less waste and materials.